Swirling Vortex of Entropy

Soloudstilling af Markus von Platen

Half a year ago I visited the Ujung Kulon National Park, a vigorous jungle encompassing a vast area of the westernmost tip of Java. I had since long a strong desire to experience the nature at its most extreme conditions, meeting this enclosed randomness of noise and condensed temperature, somehow felt similar to the energy and scale of the big city, the humid perplexity of Jakarta and the future-industrial urbanity of Sao Paulo, yet something in the between. As an abstraction I imagined the untamed character of the jungle in relation to time, history, politics, finance - The parallel division between rising economies in Asia and the slow decay of Western dominance. The jungle as a hermetic Genesis, a time capsule, threatening and rough in all its biological magnificence.

Something that Happened

Soloudstilling af Jacob Borges

Something that happened, var John Steinbecks arbejdstitel for den bog, der endte med at hedde Of Mice and Men, på dansk Mus og mænd. Steinbecks arbejdstitel nu er blevet en titel på noget, og det noget er en udstilling der “kun” viser fiktive forstudier til en udstilling, ikke-værker, der vises som værker, ting der skete, samtidig ting der ikke skete.